Anshaw Black Joins ITW DJ Mix Series

After a fantastic set at ITW last October with Anthony Rother and Danny Daze, we asked Omnidisc's Anshaw Black to join our new DJ mix series. Listen below and on Soundcloud

About Anshaw Black 

ITW: We notice you keep a low profile on social media accounts. I imagine this is to allow the music to speak for itself?

Anshaw Black: That is whats most important. Everything else is noise.

ITW: What was the process of making that EP like? 

AB: I created what came most natural to me. The process is tedious and time consuming.

ITW: How do pseudonyms and alter egos allow you explore different reflections of self? 

AB: Art to me is mechanical, blue collared work. Im going to remain under one moniker for the time being. 

ITW: Do you prefer hardware, software, or a hybrid when making music.. and why? 

AB: Hybrid, to ignore modern tools is foolish. My studio contained a balanced mix of both mediums while creating my last batch of records.

ITW: Are you living in LA currently? Do you reside in Miami? 

AB: I’m living full time in LA at the moment.

ITW: What is your role in Omnidisc? 

AB: Danny and I are partners at the label. 

ITW: Did you grow up in Miami? Were you influenced by miami bass music and culture? Where did your early musical influences come from?

AB: Yes, Miami was my first home. Electro, Hip-Hop, Breaks and Bass all played a major role.

ITW: Who are you inspired by for music as we head into 2020?

AB: Minutemen and Fugazi

ITW: What can we look forward to hearing from Anshaw Black in the coming year? 

AB: I have two EPs that I’m finalizing.

Danny Daze on Miami Bass, Music Tech
Danny Daze on Miami Bass, Music Tech
Into The Woods LA caught up with Danny in advance of the Omnidisc label showcase in LA to talk about bass culture, car s